WEBINAR: Straumann ProArch – methods of rehabilitation of edentulous jaws. Basic guidelines for diagnostics, surgery, prosthetics


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About the webinar


On January 17th., Oral surgeon, specialist for reconstructive dentistry Dr. Tadas Koržinskas invites his colleagues to listen to a webinar and deepen their knowledge in protocols for implant supported full arch restorations of edentulous jaws. The webinar will address important factors which have to be considered while diagnosing the edentulous patient, planning the treatment and also crucial steps in the surgical and prosthetic parts of the restoration.


The program

1. Factors determining the number of implants, distribution in the dental arch, immediate loading.

Anatomy guided approach vs. functionally generated treatment objective? Factors determining the number, positioning of implants, protocols of loading will be discussed. Mistakes and consequences of false planning will be highlighted with case examples.

2. Surgical intervention planning.

Practical tips to help you perform your surgical intervention more efficient and prevent mistakes. What should you focus on and why?

3. Temporary prosthetics: occlusion, materials, protocols.

The provisional immediately loaded restoration as a crucial factor for implant survival, crestal bone stability, has to be planned and adopted carefully. Basic principles of occlusion, and their influence on the chewing pattern, protocols of occlusal adjustment, choice of core materials will be discussed. Additional measures for management of the occlusaly hyperactive patient will be explained.


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Oral surgeon Tadas Koržinskis


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